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Adeola is a singer/songwriter whose music springs from deep feeling, love for melancholic harmonies and a sense for heated rhythms. In Vuotalo, she will perform a set of songs from her upcoming release.

Her music is a crossroads in which extremes and opposites are given a chance to meet: strength and peace, emotion and narrative, the north and the south, the future and the past - all of these stand side by side as Adeola tells her story through tone and verse.

Drawing inspiration from such artists as Sade, Sampha and Solange as well as from her r&b and jazz background, Adeola layers her vocals on top of experimental and atmospheric synthesizers, live instrumentation and percussion, thus inviting the listener to take part in her musical and personal search for self.


Ahva is ready!

Tuomas Ahva is a Helsinki-based musician and sound designer. Under the stage name Ahva he explores sonic territories that tie together experimental electronic music and modern psychedelic pop. Songs are rich in both melodic composition and textural exploration, accompanied by electronic rhythms and colourful soundscapes.

In a live setting Ahva becomes duo as Petteri Mäkiniemi joins the stage. He plays Ginette, a self-designed electronic instrument, breathing life to the machines operated by Ahva. Third component of the live set is visual artist Viljami Nissi who acts as a VJ, projecting surreal imagery on the stage. Ahva is a raw, wholesome electro-shamanistic live performance.

Tuomas Ahva graduated as Master of Arts from Sound in New Media in 2016. While studying, he kicked off a musical project called Ahva. He went deep, and even did his master’s thesis around the project. It was called "Padworks – Building a solo live performance with iPad". Things kept evolving and finally in 2021 Ahva released an EP called "Padworks". The music that got started in the thesis took its final form and got carved into black vinyl.

Today, in 2022, Tuomas Ahva is happy to say that the live aspect of Ahva has taken a form that feels ready. The live set feels and sounds good. On the stage, Ahva becomes a duo as another Sound in New Media alumni Petteri Mäkiniemi joins the stage. Or, actually a trio as visual artist Viljami Nissi acts as a VJ. Together they present the current state of Ahva live set for the Ääniaalto audience. It will be a great honour!

Bailey Polkinghorne &
Utkarsh Raut

Usean Osa

Bailey works with cassette tape loops, modular synthesisers and effects to create sound collages; old riffs and ideas become distorted memories of times past through the process of augmentation and degradation. A recent post-graduate of Aalto's Sound in New Media progamme, he now works as a freelance sound technician, primarily for Helsinki Open Waves radio (Caisa), while wasting his spare time exploring forests and taking field recordings.

Utkarsh aka Utzki works with films, motion design and almost anything visual. His films are broadly music videos with ambient narratives. An engineering graduate and an arts post-graduate, he also spends nights dabbling with generative graphics and making mixes for radio. A film fanatic at heart, he seeks dogs, cows, a farm and the middle path in life.

"I remember I used to half believe and wholly play with fairies when I was a child. What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit-world of childhood, tempered and balanced by knowledge and common-sense."

- Beatrix Potter



Yu-Hsuan Yao and French sound designer Vincent Masse, both based in Finland, started a fruitful collaboration providing each other with Visuals and Sounds that supported both their works, such as "Séance" presented at the Projio Festival in October 2021. The duo now performs live under the name Fluoxetine.

The live performance is based on the improvisational use of collected video material and audio recording, merging with live-instruments adaptation and visual manipulations. The improvisation aspect using that same base of material creates a performance that differs at each given representation while still operating within its own codes.



Humu is an indie art pop band by Anna-Sofia Tuominen and Tytti Arola. Their journey started as friends playing in the park when they were 8-years-old and growing up in the town of Turku. As adults they found each other in Helsinki and decided to start making music.

Humu's first release "Lapila" is an EP consisting of six songs and it is also published as a videowork. Lapila celebrates DIY-attitude to its fullest since Tuominen and Arola took ownership of everything they did.

Lapila is the first release of a new Helsinki-based band Humu. Humu will perform Lapila as an audiovisual work at Ääniaalto.

Lapila is a small island in the archipelago of South-West Finland, where Tuominen spent summers as a kid and now she finds herself to be the adult of that place. Tuominen started to write about Lapila as a continuum of generations, dealing with themes of taking responsibility and relationship with nature and with people who are already gone.

The songs of Lapila are contrasting to each other and they test the boundaries of pop music. The pieces paint stories of hope and frustration from rich coldness to playful simplicity. The sound world is driven by crisp violins, gentle saxophones and generic drum machines accompanied by field recordings.



When you listen to the music of hundredmillionthousand (HMT), hallowed grounds like Mutek and MoMA PS1 may come to mind before any nightclub would. HMT is the moniker of Noel Fanaeian, a Canadian artist of Persian-Filipino descent who is known for his immersive quadraphonic live performances. In recent years, Fanaeian has studied under renowned composer Laurel Halo and has toured Canada, the United States, and Europe. His aesthetic combines sound installation, film composition, and contemporary dance score. Fanaeian is known to delve into various styles of electronic and neoclassical, with an aptitude for combining sound design with voice, cello, and concert bass. At any moment, his sound can be dark and suspenseful; ethereal and emotional; or playful and danceable. However, even with such wide breadth, his music retains a strong stylistic unity.

Jassir Kuronen

Usean Osa

Jassir Kuronen is Uusimaa region based digital artist and VJ. His work explores commonly known ideas and concepts through deconstruction and distortion by building these scenarios from the ground and then taking them apart. These themes expand to self-concept and identity to everyday environments and objects. His recent projects have focused on using different methods and tools as a part of the creative process. These include mixing various mediums, like creative coding, 3D, photography, illustration, and sound design.

"Usean Osa" is an AV performance created around the concept of being under different variable influences. It aims to illustrate the effect of the surroundings on the individuals, their unpredictableness, and conflict with other elements. The performance's visuals and music are some parts improvised.


The Lever

KETONEN is an electronic and experimental musician who likes to work within the realms of audio programming, physical interaction and sound design. KETONEN performs with highly dynamic and sonically complex soundscapes, often combined with interactive visuals, utilizing programming languages like SuperCollider and Processing.

KETONEN is currently working with video game composition and interactive art, combining knowledge from a wide selection of fields from new media to sonification and game audio. In his performances he aims to bring those elements to the stage, hoping to create something novel, and to maybe destroy something else.

"The Lever" is an audiovisual performance, in which an artefact from the before-times is utilized to create and control a wide array of sonic material, ranging from wildly unhinged noise to lushly beautiful soundscapes.

In this highly dynamic and generative performance the performer becomes one with the performance, inviting the audience to use their imagination and senses to explore the sonic textures within.



LRXY is is a body of work by Tomas De Rite and Jukka Koops, a series of audiovisual art works, a study in minimalism and the intertwined relationship of light and sound.

LRXY03 is a synchronised audiovisual piece, played out live, consisting of oscillographic visuals on a circular plane. LRXY03 is built on two computers, a Eurorack modular synthesizer, a vintage modified Vectrex gaming console, a camera for capturing the Vectrex, a projector, a circular plane, and a set of speakers.

Lucien Guy Montandon

The Impulse

Lucien Guy Montandon is a sound artist who explores sound in all its facets. At the core of his work is always the challenge to explore boundaries, to push into uncertain and unknown territories in order to discover new things in interactive and linear media. Under his name, he mainly publishes different kinds of music genres and videogame soundtracks. With his other project, Guy Mandon, he writes pop music, focusing on playing live with his band.

In the piece The Impulse, Lucien Montandon experiments with various short transients recorded from different materials, which are live modulated with different echoes and reverbs.

Mario Massa &

ELÄT - I wrote in rhythm not in plot

MARIO MASSA is a Sardinian (ITA) trumpeter and composer. Trumpeter of international scope, more than 20 records and international tours, he had important collaborations like Zev, the father of industrial movement, Michel Petrucciani and Orchestra Columbia Pictures, Dusty Kid. Lately in Helsinki released his new album with Sid Hille and MixaFortuna.

MIXAFORTUNA, Sardinian as well,comes from an international education in theatre, dance and vocal expression. Author and performer, merges body, conceptual scenography and metamorphic voice - through belcanto until overtone singing. Lately she released two albums and an EP and presented ELÄT and the performance art project NAINEN ABATJOUR in Helsinki area.

ELÄT - I wrote in rhythm not in plot /concert inhabited by V.Woolf's The Waves/

Merle Karp x
Sander Saarmets

Nature as Magic

Merle Karp is a Helsinki-based visual designer, video artist and VJ, also known as Folded Visuals. She is the artistic director and a co-founder of Aavistus Festival.

Sander Saarmets is a Tallinn-based composer, electronic musician and sound designer, also known as V4R1.

Nature as Magic is an audiovisual live performance by composer and sound designer Sander Saarmets and video artist Merle Karp. As a third iteration of the project, the soundscape and video feed inspired by a nocturnal forest explores both the mythological connotations as well as a more direct connection with nature.

Mikko Hilgert

loopsonate redux

Mikko Hilgert, born 1982 is a designer and an artist.

"Loopsonate 297" is a musical performance played by 3 performers on 6 turntables. Each performer plays a set of prepared dubplates with locked grooves. Each dubplate holds a sound pool of musical pieces, found sounds and field recordings.

"Loopsonate redux" is the successor of the initial piece and is played by one performer with a laptop.


Structural Illusion

A Helsinki-based electronic music duo, Mynäjoki explores both the depths and the surfaces of a radiant, electric spectre. Mynäjoki is a joint musical collaboration between Leo Pahta and Oskari Suominen.

Structural Illusion is a live performance created for Ääniaalto by Mynäjoki. It acts as an examination of sound and impulses responding and reacting in digital matter, with an accompanying visual art piece. Over the course of the performance, a nonlinear abstract space emerges and submerges.

Nóri Varga

Stretch Marks 22

Nóri Varga is a Helsinki and Budapest based theatre pedagogue, performance artist, theatre historian and cultural producer. She graduated from Uniarts Helsinki’s Masters Program in Theatre Pedagogy in 2021 where she also studied sound art. Nóri is interested in body consciousness and body images, she developed a workshop series about the topic as her master thesis project. In Helsinki she presented her participatory performance series titled Forever in Our Hearts, Fe(a)tus and My Eye Candy. Her most recent work is a shadow puppet performance, Tale of the things that could have been said, premiered in September 2022.

STRETCH MARKS 22 is a reshaped version of a one to one participatory performance premiered in 2020. The participants are invited to listen the plastic belly attached to the performer, and the soundscape in the belly using a stethoscope. The soundscape is based on the performer’s recorded body sounds, especially vaginal sounds, poems and some other recordings. The performance reflects on female body and its agency, how a pregnant body becomes public domain. Since the first premiere of Strech Marks in 2020 the soundscape has been dynamically changing reflecting on the newer and newer regulations to control the agency of (female) body, for example the restriction of abortion.

Paetkaa &
Anniina Auf

PAETKAA feat. Auf

Audiovisual artist PAETKAA tells a story of a modern humanity where algorithms control our perceptual realities and consciousness is constantly realigning itself with evolving technology. In an improvised performance with experimental chaotic computation, control is an illusion.

In this first-of-a-kind collaboration, he is joined by Anniina Auf, an electronic artist whose performances shift from the pop scene to an art concept.

Anniina Auf moves between themes of dreaming, nature, plants and the inner self. Human voice can be an instrument as well as something personal: almost too close then taking its distance, changing into something etherial or dissonant.

Experimental generative audio systems and interlinked visuals accompanied by improvisation on synthesizers, drum machines and ethereal vocals.

Panu Luukkonen

Fallen Leaves

Panu Luukkonen is a musician, composer and a programmer based in Helsinki. He is a versatile artist, making interactive sound installations, composing and arranging music as well as playing highly danceable afrobeat and orchestral big-band jazz with his trombone. Nowadays Luukkonen is focused on using his programming expertise in creating new and interesting immersive experiences.

In Fallen Leaves, Luukkonen explores the relationship between nature and how far abstracted we have been for centuries from our primitive roots. Every single sound in the performance comes from a natural object picked up while walking, camping or hiking: pinecones, sticks, leaves, rocks, seashells, sand etc. The natural sounds are manipulated using modern tools: gyroscopes, magnetometers, colour and infrared sensors.


lost together

pulu is the chaotic music/sound project of "mad midi user" miranda kastemaa, a musician and sound designer working with algorithms, electronics and acoustics to build musical-visual instruments, interactive installations and participatory performances.

Simo Rouhiainen


Simo Rouhiainen is a merited and experienced media and visual artist from Helsinki. He makes his works by an experimental method, relying on intuition and using new technologies, often centred around linear and interactive video. His works have been exhibited in festivals, museums, and galleries around the world. Simo was involved in founding the award-winning media art association.

Guerrilla Projections is a mobile visual art gadget on an electric bike. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, it projects videos in even surprising places. The work appears and disappears in the environment as a quickly passing reminder of the momentariness of life, creating unexpected dialogues between the projections, audiences, and spaces.

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

When Gravel Becomes Coded

Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen is an artist and researcher who works between performance art, sound, open technology, and matter. Madsen is currently a doctoral candidate at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (FI), researching in environmental, ethico-aesthetic performance art and affective relations in the context of climate change. Madsen has performed internationally in many formats and contexts, and is the founder and curator of performance protocols, a nomadic platform for instruction-based art and collaborative processes. Madsen is further a certified facilitator of Deep Listening workshops from the Center for Deep Listening (US).

When Gravel Becomes Coded is a live coding sound performance which departs from Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen's broader artistic and philosophical reflection on the use of gravel as a crucial part of maintenance infrastructures. This work discusses the affective properties of our relation to the lithic, sourced stone for human use, and its wider environmental impact. In this performance the multidimensionality of geological matter is in focus where code is written in dynamic lines, using both structure and chance, continuously. In this gesture lies the goal to facilitate other types of relations to matter, as an empowering response to the experience. Each piece of gravel here echoes and resonates in multiple ways through being a repurposed and relocated agent. The live coding will be performed with Tidal Cycles which is a Haskell-based live coding environment. The sounds used are based on cut out fragment of Madsen's field recordings of gravel from outside on the streets of Helsinki, the machines who manage and maintain the city in winter, as well as relocated sounds of interactions with gravel in the artist's studio.

Tom Lönnqvist

Tom Lönnqvist

Tom Lönnqvist is an electronic music composer and sound designer from Helsinki. Since releasing two albums on Mille Plateaux, (NOIR 2021, ARIA 2022), his music has been reviewed and heard globally. Tom's electronic music background is being one of the hosts of the former radio show Alas Ambient. His sounds and compositions have been heard in several acclaimed dance and performance art pieces.

Working with sound and space I search to create a closed system that is in constant change. The sound is nomadic, searching for new ways to adapt to its self creating new unheard paths. The sound is created in space embodying familiar frequencies that relate to the sense before the actual happening. It is part of a condensation and breath of space and time.


Näkymiä korkeista paikoista

Utra is a Helsinki-based electronic music duo founded in 2019. Their music explores different realms of electronic music from dreamlike ambient to heavy drone. Everything is played live and improvised; on records you can find no overdubs, and in live performances everything is played by hand there and then.

Utra will be playing music relating to their newest release, Näkymiä korkeista paikoista. The show will center around both deep and dreamlike drone soundscapes, engulfing the venue in a meditative and introspective mood. As everything is played improvised by hand, the music will reflect the players' feelings there and then.

Vija Moore &
Marija Šumarac

Kymatic Mirrors

Vija Moore is a percussionist and composer based in Finland, originally from Latvia. She is now in the middle of her studies at the Sibelius Academy of Music in the Global Music department. Throughout her studies she has been exploring electroacoustic improvisation as an art-form of expression and collaboration. She has also been introduced to a wide variety of music traditions from different styles, genres, cultures and places around the world. Which has inspired creating collaborations through expressions of improvisation and exploring different sonic worlds and timbral connections.

Marija Šumarac is sound designer, composer and trombonist from Serbia, living in Finland. She holds a MA Diploma in Recording and Sound Design from University of Arts and she is currently studying at Aalto University, MA Sound in New Media. She gained performing experience in ensembles such as the Youth Philharmonic, FMA Big Band, New Spark Jazz Orchestra and many others. Her orientation towards sound manipulation through working experience in film, radio (Electronic Studio of the Radio Belgrade 3), theater, television and video games strongly influences her compositions and performances. She has presented her work internationally at venues, festivals and events such as Prague Quadrennial 2019, Ars Electronica Linz, European Science Open Forum (ESOF) Trieste, Speculum Artium Trbovlje, gallery Studio106L.A. and UCLA ArtSci Center Los Angeles.

The duo combines wind and percussion through the electroacoustic spectrum. Two sonic ecosystems. Wind instruments produce sound through breath, an inner energy that flows through the body and fills the surroundings. Percussion sounds are produced through external extensions of the inner beat that lives within us. Our common thread runs through electricity with live electronics manipulating our acoustic sound. Interplaying the sonic energies of wind and percussion through electronics a transcultural exchange of Latvia and Serbian artistic identities comes to life.

Voix Voix

Anguille angoissée

Voix Voix is an experimental collective formed by Jasmin el Kordy and Pauliina Alanen, born out of curiosity towards technology, electric sounds, and exploring new ways of creating connection. Voix Voix uses audiovisual storytelling to turn our focus towards our environment.

In their debut performance, Voix Voix creates an experimental music and video performance, where they invite the audience to explore the dark-looking future of our seas together. Our nearby and dear Baltic Sea is the most polluted sea in the world and its vulnerable ecosystem has to pay the price for damage and pollution caused by human behavior. The underwater life is hidden down below, far away and is thus easily forgotten – although every summer the algae gets worse. With their performance, the duo wants to bring life beneath the surface of water in front of our eyes and ears. The rich soundscape created with electronic instruments reflects the beauty and the decay of our subaquatic friends. This interactive performance reminds us that we can all affect the future of our seas.

Vuokko Lahtinen &
Otso Havanto


Synesthesia is a project by violinist Vuokko Lahtinen and media artist Otso Havanto. Lahtinen has experience from many distinguished orchestras, such as the Berlin Philharmonic and is involved in many multidisciplinary artistic projects. Havanto has graduated form Aalto Media Lab and works cross-disciplinary with digital art and sculpture, focusing on generative processes and automation.

Synesthesia explores the physiological and emotional act of playing an instrument. As Vuokko Lahtinen improvises a fragmental composition, the electrical activity on her scalp (EEG) is measured. The measurements control a procedural audiovisual soundscape, enmphasising the interplay of the automatic and the somatic nervous system while performing.


Lost, lost, lost

Yölinnut come from the forests of Karelia, where folklore, rituals and the sound of silence persist over the Northern nature and extreme cold weather conditions. Years later, here in urban setting environment, Yölinnut is drawing a link between the past and the future, the living and the dead, and the spiritual and physical transormation.

Karelia is still an unknown land for many, so we would like to invite you to celebrate our rituals and our songs together with us at Ääniaalto festival. Tule yhtes laulamah!



🧝‍♂️🧝‍♀️ welcomes you to resonate with nature, wherever you may be. With the help of digital audiovisual technology we create meditational spaces and possibilities for silencing the mind, allowing it to make journeys to beautiful places.

We people live in a symbiotic relationship with trees. We can feel it when we breathe close to them, and we can feel their timeless embrace when we carefully touch them. If we concentrate well enough, we can feel the energy flows that connect us and every other living being to the tree, and see through the veil of time what the tree has experienced in the past. This audiovisual experience will take you to that respectfully co-existing place.

Visually the performance will lull you into a dreamscape, wherein already naturally trippy and fractal-like branches are taken into an even more abstract level, mixed with imagery of other beautiful offerings from our wise old friends, trees.